Tuesday, November 3, 2009

strengthening Our brand image , the unity in diversity in “ONE MALAYSIA

Dear All Malaysian.
Biodiversity , Multicultural and Multi resources are the unique characteristics of our country and also our great contribution to the Peace and Prosperity. All these important attributes contribute to the attractiveness and dynamism of “ONE MALAYSIA”
Every river has tributaries. Tributaries and main stream work together to regulate water flow.
Tributaries is an integral part of main stream. Large agricultural delta areas that nurture human
civilization exist because of the presence of main stream and tributaries. Therefore a mainstream and
its tributaries supplement and complement each other. This has been proven in geology , circuit
theorem ,biology and medical science. Vernacular schools is therefore not a hindrance to social
political development in fact has brought a lot of benefits to our country. And should be integral part
of main stream education. Not only that we have to preserve Chinese School and Tamil School ,but we
should also protect KADAZAN ,DUSUN ,IBAN ------- other languages as an integral part of promoting
and strengthening Our brand image , the unity in diversity in “ONE MALAYSIA”

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