Monday, December 13, 2010

fully support the establishment of Confucius Peace Prize

I fully support the establishment of Confucius Peace Prize, I am of the opinion

that the establishment of the Confucius Prize for Peace is a significant even in the

modern world.

The world of great unity as envisaged by Confucius is recorded in the

BOOK OF RITE written during the SPRING AUTUM Warring State Period in

China . The section of great unity mentions that

When the great way prevails ,equality exist under the heaven. Capable and Kind

hearted persons are chosen to become government officer . These officers honour

their words and work hard to ensure peaceful coexistence of different communities

Every one not only respecting their own parents but also respecting other’s parent,

Concern not only their own children but also concern about other’s children. Every

elderly person walks to the end of life journey with pride ,Every healthy persons are

gainfully employed ,Every child is properly taken care and educated. Orphan , widow

, spinster and disabled person are well taken. All adult men and ladies are properly

married. Every one dislike wasting the resources and do not keep things unlawfully

for self interest. Every one dislike the habit of being lazy and work un relentlessly

unselfishly .Therefore Conspiracy and plot are unknown of , thief and robbery

do not occur at all, hence entrance door of every houses are left unlocked. All these

are signs of Great Unity of the World.

I think the criteria expounded in the Great unity should be used as a yardstick for nominating the candidate for Confucius Prize for Peace. Cofucianism originated from China yet it belongs to the world. Hopefully the set up of Confucius Prize for Peace will have a significant impact on the progress of world peace.

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