Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Greeting to Lee Kuan Yew

Dear Mr.Lee Kuan Yew , the Minister Mentor of Republic of Singapore
First and foremost I wish to express my highest respect to the Minister Mentor who has been long serving the country for sucessfuly transforming the country and her people to be the model of the world
The Singapore government is one who love the people and care for the welfare of the people and able to provide conducive environment for people to perform better and improve continuously.
I remember seeing a picture when I was three , it showed a fishing village which was a place in Singapore then , but the place had now changed to a well developed area. Today Singapore portrays herself as as a modern ,wealthy, clean , eff icient and transparent City State.,
All this happened not by chance but due to the hard effort of the people of Singapore. The security and order in Singapore is of not exception and the police and the security and defence force of the republic should be highly praised for.
Eventouhgh we are living in different country but we have many things in common. Firstly I fullly agreed that the Singapore should impose strict law to prevent the smuggling of drug into the country. As all of us know the abuse of drug is not only bad to the health but also will have a very negative impact on our society.Needless to say those involved in drug smuggling and trafficking need to be purnished appropriately.
Secondly what we have in common is LOVE and compassion towards our parent , our child , our friends. Every mother love their child very much because a child has been with her since gestation began.
The same thing to applies to the mother of Yong Voi Kong.This mother has bot slept well , ate well eversince hearing the bad news of her son. The same applies to the relative and friends of Yong Voi Kong and also more than 100,000 of people who has signed to petition to save Yong Voi Kong. All of us hopes that he would be given chance to be reeducated.
Another thing we have in common is the willingness for us to forgive people who are innocent ,to help the less fortunate, I remember this very well ever since I was a child , because my parent and my teachers has time and again mentined that to me.
Many are hoping that Yong Voi Kong should be given chance to continue his life through reeducation, there are many examples of criminal has been turned to a better and sucessful person and we strongly Yong will make if he is given the chance.
Once again I wish to express my highest respect to you and your people for showing the world that Singapore is a nation full of love and compassion.
May Health , fortune and Happiness be with you and your people . May you live long to serve people.
Thank you and warmest regard ,HOHO

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