Sunday, May 15, 2011

The truth , the good and the beauty are found in Malaysia.

The truth , the good and the beauty are found in Malaysia.

Malaysia is more than capable of playing an active role in preserving the world heritage.

Malaysia success in the preservation of World heritage is well reflected in the 1 Malaysia Spirit that encompasses unity in diversity.

Malaysia has been an important trade and cultural exchange centre since ancient time due to her strategic location. The BUJANG VALLEY historical site in Kedah gives an evidence of the country ‘s important existence as trading center since ancient time . Those day traders from CHINA ,INDIA , PERSIAN and Greece were brought here by junk during the two monsoon seasons. The place was clearly mentioned in the ancient text of China ,Indian , Persian and Greece. Vast amount of Sanskrit words in the national language is an evidence that Sanskrit was once an important language in this land.

The Krisatao language spoken by the descendant of portugees in Malaca ia another heritage that Malaysia people are proud of .The language had extinct in Portugal for long time.

The Kuala Lumpur railway station is said to be the oldest railway station in Asia , its existence remind us of Malaysia’s important role during the Industrial Revolution age.

Chinese NewVillages in Malaysia that was set up during colonization day is also very unique , unlike most of the resettlement place set up during the emergency period in other countries ,these place was not known as concentration camp, but as New Villages. The existence of these new villages has given a new leash oflife to 500,000 Chinese at that time who faced the fade of extraction to China, Thank you to the founder of MCA Tun TanCheng Lock. The existence of Chinese NewVillage is very important to the world because it does not only provide a conducive environment for Chinese to live ,and work , but also enable them to contribute positively to growth of world economic through activities like tin mining and rubber tapping. Secondly these villages has also played an important role in preserving Chinese culture and heritage, some of the culture and tradition which are no longer practiced are practiced there today.

The Malay in Malaysia has contributed greatly in the preservation of world heritage. The Minangkabau traditional houses found in Malaysia is not only unique in its design but it also reflect the culture , valus and wisdom of the race
Many would have think that Ferdinand Magellan was the person who led the mission to circumnavigate around the world , but it was wrong, Ferdinand Magellan died two weeks before the team reached the destination , it was Panglima Awang ,his assistant , a Malay from Malaca who took over the role to accomplish the goal. The success of Panglima Awang is a source of inspiration for the younger to work harder and excel in their undertaking s
The longhouse in Sarawak perhaps is one of earliest form of condominium where people practice to share resources and team to work for the benefits of the community.
The Sabah and Sarawak states of Malaysia comprises of many ethnic group of diverse culture , the addition of their culture and language has enhanced our work in cultural preservation
The SUMAZAU dance of Sabah ethnic is a reflection of how human practice to life in unity and harmony
With nature.

Malaysia can played very important role in the preservation of world heritage. Firstly because its historical development and strategic location has made it a unique life museum that showcases the transformation of the world. Secondly the unity in diversity under the 1 Malaysia Spirit is a treasure that we should share with the world, the truth ,the good and the beauty are found in Malaysia.

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