Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flower Ornament सूत्र/. Avatamsaka SutraFlower Ornament सूत्र/. 华严经师子章

1) Originally the gold piece does not have any physical characteristic ,followed by condition imposed by work ,skill and thaugh of craftman ,the gold assumes the lion shape.That is to say occurance of right conditions at the right time.

2)Lion shape is apparent ,only existence is the real gold.Gold piece undenially exist ,therefore we say form is apparent. The truth is made known by simply showing the form in order to understand voidness of form

3)Craving for the form of lion accounts for extreme deviation from truth.Knowing that the form is apparent accounts for the understanding of dependence of condition.The gold properties that doesnot change represents the perfect truth.

4)The golden lion fully assumes the lion shapebut outside the gold the shape of lion is not in existence. That accounts for the non real existence of form.

5)Seeing that the lion is existing but actually it is the gold in existence,outside the gold there isn't any object ,the lion thought appered to be in existence and non inexistence but the gold body dooe not increae or decrease.

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