Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flower Ornament Sutra. Avatamsaka Sutra( chapter 6)

1)Eventhough the formation of lion is a phenomenon due to cause and conditions, it seem to be in existence and non in existence every moment of thaught , actuaaly no lion shape can be acquired, this is understood through the hearing of teaching.
2)The principle of phenomenon arises due to cause and conditions explain that everything does not exist by itself , is thoroughly void(apparent), this is the begining of the teaching of big vehivle practice.
3)Though , every thing does not exist by itself and is thoroughly void(apparent) , this does not hinder the revealation of apparent existence , real existence and apparent existence coexist , this is the ultimate teaching of big vehicle practice.

4)Knowing that if real existence and apparent existence are competing and anihilating each other, then there would not be crafing , the condition for formation ceases, real existence and unreal existence both disappear , the quiet mind stop to query , this is understood by those who rely on spontaneous teaching of big vehicle practice.

5)When craving disappear only the true body (nature )of gold is exposed ,mix and formed into a single piece . When every favourable conditions fully function , innumerous phenomenon take place simultaneously .They are intermix but not confused .All belong to universe , all are same and do not have self, universe belong to all.The cause and effect rule are well expounded The universe and all phenomenom are mutually accomodating each other yer free to function on own. This is known as the perfect teaching of universal vehicle

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