Sunday, April 4, 2010

have a strong faith in ONE MALAYSIA

I have a strong faith in ONE MALAYSIA do not believe what was said by YB

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, The One Malaysia Idea derive from One Israel. One is not the
sole property of Israel, One as a symbol of unity and harmony One has been used by
Many countries and organization as logo for unity , for example We have heard about
China mention about One China Policy very often. The YB Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s act
of linking the One Malaysia Spirit with One Israel movement . has hurt the heart of
Malaysia People and it is also an act ofdenying the ability and creativity of Malaysia

The One Malaysia advocated by the prime Minister of Malaysia with the slogan of “
People first , and performance now is based on the principles of Unity in Diversity and
Eight Noble universal values encompassing i) Culture of excellence ,ii) Diligence ,iii) Acceptance, iv) Education ,v) Integrity , vi) Meritrocacy ,vii)Humility and viii)Loyalty
The One Malaysia Spirit has been practiced by us for many years , MALACA was once the
most prosperous port in the world because people of various cultural and religious
background could live and trade in harmony. In our country we can enjoy the scene of
hundreds of flower blossoming , and the hundred of bird singing .The diverse culture,
biodiversity and diverse resources has make our country grow strong and attractive and
contribute greatly to the stability and prosperity to the region and the world.
In this fortunate land opportunities are always available to people who are willing to work
hard to develop their potential.
I hereby urge all my fellow Malaysian to hold firmly to ONE MALAYSIA , which provide us
ways to prosper and achieve sustainable growth in the era which is full of challenges.

The Exco Committee of MCA Kepong,Kuala Lumpur.

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