Thursday, August 19, 2010

hope the Bakun power generation will start very soon to drive our country to a higher dimension

The Bakun hydro-electric Project is a project that that involved billions of dollars and took few decades to complete However it is a project that can bring benefits to the people and country.
If the relocation of the ethnic residents who live in the area is carried out in good order, these people can also be assimilated into the mainstream of development.
We can not expect these people to practice self sufficient farming and nomadic farming (Sweedish farming )forever. They are like us, need development. Their younger generation is also hoping for the a better future
We should also welcome the setting up of aluminium and silicon factories in the Bakun area, because these will ensure the supply of essential manufacturing materials.
Raw materials such as steel, aluminium and Silicon are strategic items to Malaysia, one of the major trade and manufacturing country. The shortage of these essential items will cause to manufacturing industries in our country to come to standstill and adversely affect the social and economic performance of our country.
The emergence of china as a Second Economic power, has triggered their demand for raw materials such as steel, petroleum, and aluminium. For information one of the difficulty faced by steel manufacturer of Malaysia is the shortage of scrap and ingot , because the china government has impose restriction on the export of scrap and impose high export duty on iron ingot. One of the best way for us to get out of the difficulties is to expand the production capacity by installing more blast furnace in long run. This in term will trigger our demand for electrical power.
Excellent country administer always monitor the international market and plan the country for the future , get ready an umbrella before rain and explore more well to avoid thirst.
An efficient government is not only concerned with the daily life of the people, but also able to plan through creation and innovaton to ensure that the nation can continue to grow in the era full of competition and uncertainty. We sincerely hope
the Bakun power generationr will start very soon to drive our country to a higher dimension

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