Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thus it is not logical to say that those who are not soldier are not loyal to a country.

National defence is a very important aspect of a country and it is not only confined to military warfare , on the contrary it also encompasses matters pertaining to economic , education , science and technology.Sun Bin the founder of the art of warfare had mentioned this very clealy thousands years ago. The 1997 economic crisis had prooved this be correct , a country might be destroyed without military force.
Everyone contribute to National defence with out the care of parents and teacher how can a soldier grows out to protect the country. Without the general public involvement in the production of consumable goods and machinery , how could the military troop obtain the sufficient amount of essential items.Based on these facts , thus it is not logical to say that those who are not soldier are not loyal to a country.
We should highly appreciate the hardwork and sacrifice by our defence forces.They work diligently to safeguard the terittories and live line of our country. Billion of dollars are spent each year to finiance the national however it is very worth spending .
Diffilculties to recruit the military force exist in many countries , to overcome this probles some countries have made it compulsory for its nations to serve in military force for specific duration.
Some countries even allows foreign imigrant to serve as chef , mechanic ,artist , musician and scientist in order to supplement their defence forces.
In order to encourage more young people to join national force , those ministry and government agencies concerned should work hard and tell them that the carrer in denfence force is a very rewarding. In the course of serving the defence force , one would transformed into a better person through character building , leadership and technological skill training. Also the ministry of defence also provide scholarship for capable persons to undergo specialise course in oversea each year.

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