Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Model teachers

TEACHERS throughout our country came back to register students despite Dec 31 being declared a special holiday to celebrate the national football squad’s success in the AFF Suzuki Cup.

The dedication shown should be praised. Firstly, new students will remember teachers as dedicated persons. Secondly, the registration of students on schedule means parents would not have to deal with a postponement.

I am also reminded of a very dedicated teacher at Hu Yew Seah school in Penang in 1968.

In that year, my parents sent me to Hu Yew Seah as I could not cope with my studies in an earlier school. After a year, I gradually became a better student and was able to read in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

I attribute this to the dedication of one Mr Chai who taught me with patience. He was an educationist who practised the philosophy of Confucius of providing education to everyone regardless of class. He was concerned about students who performed poorly and always motivated students from low-income families.

I remember that after the final exams in that year, Mr Chai gave two presents, not to the top students in our class, but to the two below-average students who had shown their eagerness in studying. One of the recipients was me. The pencil case and story books were valuable as they inspired me to study hard and change the course of my life.

GOH HOE HOE, Kuala Lumpur

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