Friday, January 20, 2012

फैलुरे अनाल्य्सिया ऑफ़ Materials

1What is investigation ?
i)To find out the truth
ii) To employ man , machine , method and materials to gather necessary information , processing of the data and information to arrive at the conclusion of the actual cause of incident , occurrence .
2 Is material investigation equals failure analysis?
Both may used the same methods but the purpose may not be the same , while failure analysis mainly focus on the finding of the causes of failure of material , the material investigation in addition also extend its function to i) the matching of materials properties to intended application ii) identify the variation of parts through characterization of materials
3)What are the techniques involved in Materials Investigation?
i) Mechanical Testing
ii)Macrostructure Examination
iii) Microstructure Examination
iv) Non destructive Testing which include Dye Penetrant test , Magnetic Particle test , Eddy current , Ultrasonic and Radiography.

4) Name a major accidents investigation that employ materials investigation techniques and in what ways has the investigation leads to advancement in Marine Manufacturing.
The tragedic Titanic Accident
The Materials investigation carried out has identify the main causes of Titanic as
i) High sulphur content that lead to brittle fracture at low temperature
ii) The joining using riveting give rise to stress concentration.

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