Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The arrival of father day this year reminds me of the virtue of my fathers and his contemporaries and I feel obliged to write to explain to the younger generation what is meant by 8 noble values of 1Malaysia.

Most of them did not recieve high formal education yet they were willing to learn throughout their live to improve themseve , they also showed honesty and high integrity in their works and business dealings.Most of them were not highly paid but they did not grumble
and complain much, not to mention about taking part in the strike. Instead they would work extra by taking up a part time job to finiance the living of their families.They managed to bring up their family and send their children to school for education by spending carefully.Of
most importance they humbly served their companies throughout their life and work until their last day in this world.

My father received his formal education until form three but he strived to improve himself and serve mankind througout his life.He was a humble man who led a simple life , spend moderately and as a factory head of operation he commingled well with fellow workers of
sawn timber factory and yet he had never call himself as factory

He was a man of patient , very patient to teach me to read classical Chinese literature and harmonical.Every day he worked extra to ensure that the sawn mill was properly kept in order and all bookepings were updated before he returned home. After dinner he had to proceed to
another construction company for a part time job.He returned home at10 Pm and the next day he had to wake up ealier to send his children to school.

Being a royal staff of two companies , he served for 45 years in the sawn timber company and served in the construction company for 50 years until the last day of his life.
My father is also a man of integrity , he was honnest ,always taking care of the interest of the company he served for.He respected everyone , his neigbour , his classmate , his colleague
and never felt jealous of people's wealth and achievement. He would rather worked extra for extra incomes.

My father took concern of the education of his children , and he also strived to improve himself through self study and observation.He learn new skill and knowlege through conversation with client , colleagues and also through visit to the factories, construction site and exhibition.

He learned about quantity surveying and bulding construction technology from his
colleagues while working part time at night.

He was valuable to the clients who were mainly owner of small factories , because very often he helped them to solve their operational problems such a design of the layout for small factories ,
and furnished with new ideas such as architectural design and Interial design .In this way he provided the added value servicesto the customer and generate more incomes for the company he served for.

Of not least importance is his ability to give priority to his jobs and balance his time between his job and his family.He worked well and he also enjoyed his life well

The good lesson that we can leant from my father and his contemporaries who were your during our independent day are a sucess and meaningful life is the integration of i) humble .ii) diligence ,iii)Royalty ,iv) continuous leaning , v)innovation through experience ,vi) able to set priority ,vii)genority and viii) honesty .We can not depend only on ourseve to improve but need to work together with other to complement and supplement our stength. That is why it is important for us to be humble and to be able to tolerate. We need to be very independent and work continuosly to improve ourselve and set goal and priority for ourselve , that is why it is important for one to be deligent ,stick firm to our own principle and value.


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