Wednesday, June 6, 2012

While Scientific and Technological invention has brought about postive change in the quality of product which include goods and services.The human attributes of quality should not be neglected at all.

Very often people equates quality with the performance and physical appearance of products and are not concerned about the human factors of quality.

Many also can not distinguished between quality inspection and TotalQuality Management. While quality inspection means the checking of product performances and physical appearances and dimension either manually or using automated system, Total quality management  has a wider
scope covering the machine aspects , materials aspects , method aspects and human aspects. But human aspects would be the most crusial aspect in Total Quality Management.Total Quality Management can be applied to the production of physical products as well as service
sectors including the governing of a country

Technical and academic competence only is not enough for sucessful implementation of total quality management , noble values such as 8Noble values of 1 Malaysia also plays a very crucial role in shaping a man to become a sucessful man with good quality. In evaluating leadership attributes in Total quality Management , a number of question needed to be asked, among these are
1) are we treating others fairy with respect (Humble and Acceptance)
2) are we listeing attentively to other s' views Humble and Acceptance)
3)are we taking initiative to solve problems(Culture of Excellence
,education , preseverence, meritrocacy))
4) Do we have the eagerness to provide assistance to others
vouluntary(Humilty , acceptance and Culture of Excellence)
5)are we maintain a healthy , positive altitude in our daily
live.(Acceptance and Culture of Excellence)
6)Do we understand our values and apply them in my daily
life(Integrity, Culture of Excellence)
7) Are our goals ties with our values .(Integrity and Culture of Excellence)
8)are we carry out our activities in harmony withmy values(Integrity ,
humble and Culture of Excellence)
9)Do we enjoy living and working with the people in our
environment(Integrity , humble and Culture of Excellence)

10) I practice good consumer services with all the people with whom I
come to contact. (Faithful , Meritrocacy and culture of Excellecence)

, Good Planning and application of the principle Meritrocacy plays a very crucial role in shaping organisation and countries into a sucessful entity with good quality. In applying these the question
that need to asked are
i) are we taking time to plan our daily activities arround us based on
the prioriity?
ii)are we align our goals with our values to ensure that our daiy
activities are in harmony with our goal?
iii)are we prioritize both important and routine activities?
iv)are we plan to accomplish only those activities with enouugh allocated time>
v)are we strive for continuous learning and plan to invest in human
capital from time to time
vi)are we doing any bench making to gauge ourselve against the
industrial leadres
vii) do we provide added value to our customers?
viii)are we well aware of our working environment and world's changing
ix) are we aware of our strength and weakness and know what to rectify?
x) are we realistic in planning to acieve our target?

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