Monday, August 16, 2010

Bakun , the significant Benchmark

The Bakum dam construction work has come to the final stage and is expected to
start operating soon. What is the implication of the Bakun power projects which
is capable of generating 2400 megawatts when in fully operational to us?

Is this a bench mark to show that we are beginning to move towards the New
Economic Model (MBE) which amongst other emphasize on innovation and creativity
to raise the income of our nation.

As all of us know energy is an important element in our daily life, especially for
the world's major manufacturing countries such as Malaysia.

One of Malaysia's attraction to foreign investors is the country's electricity
supply service which is not only cheap but also reliable. Malaysia's electricity
tariffs is one of the lowest in the region as a result of substantial amount of
subsidies financed by the Malaysian government

But in time of comfort we must also plan for sustainable development. we can not
rely on subsidies forever. The Chinese proverb says do not dig the well only
to quench the thirs. We need to find alternatives to prevent us from crisis, so the
country can continue to grow.

The Construction of hydro-electric project is implemented according to the
principle of sustainable growth and green technology. Water is a renewable source
of energy because it rains throughout the year in our country.

In long run the Bakun project will enables us to acquire reliable electricity
power supply at low cost .This in turn will attract foreign and local investors to establish their industries here.As a result more job will be created to increase national income.

Apart from that ,the Bakun dam will also serve as flood mitigation system to prevent flood during the monsoon season. This will make the life of farmers and residents in the vicinity more secure.

A good government not only concerned about the daily life of the people, but also
able to plan through creativity and innovation to ensure that the nation can
continue to grow in the era which is full of competition and uncertainty.

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